Nau mai harere mai, Kia ora – Welcome

CLIVE KIDS are connected, engaged and creative. If you are as excited about the potential of your child as we are then they will thrive at Clive School.

Our community is situated in a semi-rural locality, nestled between Napier and Hastings in ‘The Bay’, established in 1879. We don’t just live traditions we create them. Partnerships between and within our community of learners are strong. We hold and share high achievement expectations for all children and we work hard to achieve each student’s potential. Learning is relevant, culturally meaningful and modern (Brian Eales – School Principal).

The Chalk Board: Week 4, Term 4

Camp is on Monday, 3rd November (next week).  This is your final reminder notice.

Children are to be at school by 8.55 a.m.

All luggage needs to be taken to the hall (unless your parent is transporting you).   Day bags are to go to classrooms.

Children will meet in their classrooms after taking all luggage to the hall.

Returning to school on Friday November 7th, at approximately 2:30 pm. Children can be collected from school at this time.

In your day bag:

  • Togs/towel in tog bag
  • Water bottle named
  • Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea
  • Wet weather jacket
  • Sunhat and Beanie
  • Sunblock

Please remember that on Monday your child needs to bring to school:   Home baking or a packet of biscuits, this will go into a labelled box outside the hall and  any medication clearly labelled.  This must be given to your classroom teacher with written instructions (unless your parent is attending camp).

Change of timetable – from Mountain Valley:  Mud Walk/Run

Students will need in a plastic bag (in their luggage) containing clothes for the Mud Walk/Run.  This was scheduled for Friday and will now take place on Monday afternoon.


Shoes that may be ripped or damaged almost ready for the bin…  (They will not be able to be worn again at camp), Pants/shortsand Tops.

o  All of these clothes will come back dirty and potentially damaged.

Students will get changed into them after lunch.  


Year 5 & 6 at Camp – All week (9.30am Monday to 2.30pm Friday).

Junior School Swimming at the Clive Pools – All students need their togs, towel (in a named bag) and their booster (for the car trip).  See your classroom teacher for the exact time your child is swimming at.

School Assembly Friday – Room 2.


Sunhats need to be worn every day this Term.


FOS – Friends of the School

FOS Halloween Picnic 

Friday 31st October, all families are welcome!  We would love to see you on the School Field, from 5.30pm to 7.30pm.

Bring your own dinner and picnic blanket.

There will be prizes for the best dressed children (parents can dress up too if they really want to).

Please bring a bag of lollies that are in wrappers e.g. Fruit Bursts, for the lolly scramble.

The picnic will be cancelled if wet.


2014 Recipe Book Sales

Pop into the School office to purchase copies of the Clive School Recipe Book

$20 per copy

Words of Wisdom from Mr Eales

The School roll continues to rise and reflects the growth in our Community and their confidence in the programmes and achievements of Clive Students and School.

These achievements are not only in the classroom but also on the sports field and in the many cultural activities that we offer. That success is evident in many forms at Clive School from individual milestones where the inclusion of a comma or speech marks may be a high light for a student to the team accolades for winning interschool sporting events

Success always starts in the head of the individual’ 

Thank you to the parents who have been able to attend the ‘e-learning upskill sessions’ organised by staff both during and after school. It is great to see parents as connected as their children. Remember in this fast moving technological age ‘no question is a dumb question’. Miss Northe is congratulated for ensuring that no barriers exist for parents as their children engage with e-learning tools and for the timely ‘skills programme for parents’.


Thank you FOS and parents of the Clive Community – we love our new sports uniforms!

IMG_1558 IMG_1559

Junior Cricket

Junior Cricket for years 1 and 2 start on Wednesday 22nd October 3.15 – 4pm. Every Wednesday for 6 weeks. 

School Lunches 

  • Fish & Chip Wednesday (Order from the Halfway House 06 870 0654)
  • Sausage in Bread Friday (FOS Fundraising) – Order on the day, from outside the Library (Friday 8.15am to 8.55am ordering)
    • From Week 4, Term 4:  Trial food items on sale – Cookie Time Cookie $1 (small) and Chocolate Muffin $1.50.

Contact Details

Clive School 57 School Road Clive HASTINGS 4102 Ph: 06 8700538 Fx: 06 8700534