Nau mai harere mai, Kia ora – Welcome

CLIVE KIDS are connected, engaged and creative. If you are as excited about the potential of your child as we are then they will thrive at Clive School.

Our community is situated in a semi-rural locality, nestled between Napier and Hastings in ‘The Bay’, established in 1879. We don’t just live traditions we create them. Partnerships between and within our community of learners are strong. We hold and share high achievement expectations for all children and we work hard to achieve each student’s potential. Learning is relevant, culturally meaningful and modern (Brian Eales – School Principal).

The Chalk Board: Term 1 Week 3

All week:  Classes swimming, hats to be worn when children are outside

Wednesday – Private Speech & Drama and Guitar lessons for those who have registered interest (See Office if you require information)

Wednesday – Road Patrol Training for Year Six Students (9-11am)

Thursday – Weetbix Triathlon (if you child is attending please notify the School)

Friday – Assembly Room 8

Note:  eLearning agreements coming home throughout the week, please send them back ASAP.

Swimming after School – Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (no note, no swim – or bring a parent/adult)


Monday Assembly – we now do this in a digital format, check out the movie below…

Beginning Week 3, Term 1.


Words of Wisdom from Mr Eales

Welcome back 

Paper or not? Clive School Newsletter.
We now have the ability to send you the School Newsletter via the School App. We are attempting to reduce the amount of photocopying we are doing. If you would like to continue to receive the School newsletter in a paper form, printed and handed out to your eldest child at Clive School, please send a note or return the slip on the School newsletter to the School Office or your child’s classroom teacher. If you do not return the slip we will assume that you want the to receive the Newsletter in an electronic form from the School App Alert or the School Website.

Supporting Learning at Home – Mathematics 

At Clive School all students work through a variety of Maths Learning Goals for homework.  But there are other ways you can support, extend or develop your child’s thinking and understanding in Mathematics.

Check out the links below to get some simple ideas:

FOS Notices

Thank you for all of the support our Clive School families offered FOS in 2016!

Speech and Drama Lessons

West End Performing Arts


For more information click on the link below

Speech & Drama Lessons info

Afcare Contact Details

Afcare is a privately run organisation which offers care for students before and after school each day.  Situated in the Clive School Hall.

If you would like to know any further details please call:  027 332 8849.

School Lunches 

  • FOS Friday Lunches – Orders taken in the sun shelter before School on a Friday
    • Sausages $1.50
    • Muffins $1.50 (Chocolate Chip or Blueberry)
    • Pie $2.00

2016 Clive School Communication Options

We are all different!  We all have different needs as to how we want or choose to access information.  This year we will continue to offer families and the community different ways of accessing information from the School.  You can choose how and when you read various communications from us, may it be:

  • Viewing the chalk board penguin during the day when you come into the School
  • Reading paper newsletters or notices
  • Viewing content on the School Website or Blogs (
  • Receiving ‘tweets or texts’
  • Viewing content and receiving alerts from our Clive School App (Apple and Android)

Please note, where possible all information will be duplicated to ensure that all options share the same information.

Tweets & Texts  Old and new phones can be used, simply follow the instructions below if you would like to receive short text messages about events and up-dates.

Text the number: 8987

Type the following message:  follow cliveschoolnz

Clive School App Read notices & view calendared events, receive alerts about events, access links to Blogs and Websites and call in or email the office to let them know your child will be absent or late.


Contact Details

Clive School 57 School Road Clive HASTINGS 4102 Ph: 06 8700538 Fx: 06 8700534