Nau mai harere mai, Kia ora – Welcome

CLIVE KIDS are connected, engaged and creative. If you are as excited about the potential of your child as we are then they will thrive at Clive School.

Our community is situated in a semi-rural locality, nestled between Napier and Hastings in ‘The Bay’, established in 1879. We don’t just live traditions we create them. Partnerships between and within our community of learners are strong. We hold and share high achievement expectations for all children and we work hard to achieve each student’s potential. Learning is relevant, culturally meaningful and modern (Brian Eales – School Principal).

The Chalk Board: Week 11, Term 2

Welcome to the final week of Term 2. Week 11.

Below is the very awesome YouTube clip designed by Miss Lowe. Have a look!


STARS IN CLIVE’S EYES – This Thursday and Friday at the Clive Hall – 7:30pm. Tickets only $20 from Zepplin Cafe – 8700 608. You just never know who you may see performing!

Friends of School will be running a CASH bar (no eftpos), raffles and food. Come support your school and Local Zepplin Cafe for what is sure to be an awesome two nights!

Napier Intermediate Cultural Performance trip for year 6s. On Tuesday all Year 6s will be travelling on the bus to Napier Intermediate with Miss Applegate to watch a mix of cultural performances. Has your child returned their permission slip?

School Finishes at the usual time of 3pm on Friday.

The Final assembly for Term 2 will be hosted by Room 2.

Enjoy Week 11. – A massive thank you to all families for your support over the term.

An enormous thank you to Mary-Lou for the amazing job you do to make our school shine! A true ‘jack’ess of all trades. We are very lucky to have you!

To Mrs Ringrose a huge thank you for the trillions of different things you do for families, children and the staff in the office. So many things you do are unseen by many. Thank you!

Modern Learning Practices Parent Workshop, Check out the link below to see the presentation given in week 2.

Words of Wisdom from Mr Eales

Being Consistent is hard work but worth the effort in the long run.

Being consistent when children are less than perfect can make you feel dreadful. However consistency is one of the most important elements in the relationship with your children, but it is the one most frequently overlooked.


Consistency means dealing with the little misbehaviours and not letting them grow into bigger behaviours. It means saying no to children’s constant requests for five more minutes of television at night or a third serve of ice cream. It means following through and allowing children to experience a consequence when they misbehave every time. It doesn’t mean if children arrive home after dark from a friend’s place you ground them sometimes but at other times you just voice your disapproval. That type of inconsistency makes you responsible for children’s misbehaviour and teaches children nothing about accountability.


Consistency, like routines, are often sacrificed by busy working parents and put in the “too hard basket”. When we are tired, stretched and overworked the last thing we want to do is engage in a battle with children over what are sometimes petty issues. You may have spent the whole day dealing with difficult customers or colleagues only to come home and find that you have another battle on your hands with equally belligerent children. So to avoid an argument, a tantrum or tears you give in to your child’s unruly behaviour or unreasonable request.


But being consistent and holding your ground is a smart long-term strategy. Kids learn quickly how far they can push a parent before they give in. If you give in occasionally they will learn that if they push you hard enough and long enough you will cave in.


So consistency is about being strong and holding your ground. That is hard work because the average child will push parental boundaries about 30% of the time and more difficult kids push your boundaries twice that much. It is hard work being consistent but good parenting demands it.

Bite into Literacy…

Well parents again you showed that we do have a great partnership in the teaching and learning process with your children.  We had 75 adults and 95 children attend the Literacy evening on Tuesday Night at School.

While children ate sausages apples and drank (milk) and viewed a DVD or so their Parents had the opportunity to discover and experience a whole range of very useful      activities and tools to help lift children’s writing both home and school.

All staff were thrilled to see so many attend because it really does lift teachers when they know that parents want like them only the very best for these children.

Many thank you to Mrs Wilburn and Mrs Smith for organising the evening and to everyone else for their input just love it.  We as a staff will hold another in term 3 in Whakatu, similar to the maths evening we held last year.

IMG_2667 IMG_2665


Check out the teachers notes from this evening by clicking on the links below:


Afcare Contact Details

Afcare is a privately run organisation which offers care for students before and after school each day.  Situated in the Clive School Hall.

If you would like to know any further details please call:  027 332 8849.

School Lunches 

  • FOS Friday Lunches – Orders taken in the sun shelter before School on a Friday
    • Sausages $1.50
    • Cookie Time Cookies (25g) $1.00
    • Muffins $1.50

2015 Clive School Communication Options

We are all different!  We all have different needs as to how we want or choose to access information.  This year we will continue to offer families and the community different ways of accessing information from the School.  You can choose how and when you read various communications from us, may it be:

  • Viewing the chalk board penguin during the day when you come into the School
  • Reading paper newsletters or notices
  • Viewing content on the School Website or Blogs (
  • Receiving ‘tweets or texts’
  • Or… as of 2015, viewing content and receiving alerts from our Clive School App (Apple and Android)

Please note, where possible all information will be duplicated to ensure that all options share the same information.

Tweets & Texts  Old and new phones can be used, simply follow the instructions below if you would like to receive short text messages about events and up-dates.

Text the number: 8987

Type the following message:  follow cliveschoolnz

Clive School App Read notices & view calendared events, receive alerts about events, access links to Blogs and Websites and call in or email the office to let them know your child will be absent or late.


FOS – Friends of the School

2015 Recipe Book Sales (book published in 2014)

Pop into the School office to purchase copies of the Clive School Recipe Book

$20 per copy

Contact Details

Clive School 57 School Road Clive HASTINGS 4102 Ph: 06 8700538 Fx: 06 8700534