Nau mai haere mai, Kia ora – Welcome

CLIVE KIDS are connected, engaged and creative. If you are as excited about the potential of your child as we are then they will thrive at Clive School.

Our community is situated in a semi-rural locality, nestled between Napier and Hastings in ‘The Bay’, established in 1879. We don’t just live traditions we create them. Partnerships between and within our community of learners are strong. We hold and share high achievement expectations for all children and we work hard to achieve each student’s potential. Learning is relevant, culturally meaningful and modern.

How rich are we as a Clive School Community?

If it is measured by;

  • the diversity of the members within
  • the positive open and honest relationships that we have
  • the ability to acknowledge our weakness, address them and being positively proactive
  • the quality of the interactions and activities that we share
  • the ability to make best use of the quality resources we have at our disposal
  • our willingness to embrace and implement change effectively and without fuss
  • the way in which we look after the most vulnerable within our school community
  • the optimistic forward planning we undertake based on quality analysed data,
  • our ability to laugh and cry together
  • the way we celebrate our successes, progress and honest failures
  • our proven ability to extend those with talents and skill and lift those with needs
  • our shared knowledge of self, whakapapa, whanau, history and potential
  • our belief that as ‘ako’ (teachers and learners) we will all make a positive difference to everyone’s future
  • and the fact that we are modest, competitive, humble and very reflective

then those who are fortunate to attend Clive School – learners, staff and parents as a learning community we are indeed rich by other measures, who knows maybe we are beyond rich, beyond compare!

At a time of great world division and pandemic separation, we need to look inwards and be grateful and thankful for what we do have.

Trust in our Clive kids, they are our future.


FOS Notices

Thanks to all families for continuing to support FOS with their fundraising in 2021.  It has been a different year however we are looking forward to having lots more events next year. 

We are always happy to welcome new members.


Contact Details

Clive School 57 School Road Clive HASTINGS 4102 Ph: 068700538 Fx: 068700534