Communication Options – Clive School

We are all different! We all have different needs as to how we want or choose to access information. We will continue to offer families and the community different ways of accessing information from the School. You can choose how and when you read various communications from us, may it be:

  • Viewing the chalk board penguin during the day when you come into the School
  • Reading paper newsletters or notices
  • Viewing content on the School Website or Blogs
  • Viewing content and receiving alerts from our Clive School App (Apple and Android)

Please note, where possible all information will be duplicated to ensure that all options share the same information.

School App

Read notices & view calendared events, receive alerts about events, access links to Blogs and Websites and call in or email the office to let them know your child will be absent or late.

Go to App store or Google Play to download the App:  School Apps NZ

Select Clive School

Select and change your preference as required within the App.


@School Parental Portal  – Year 3 to 6 Students (Spotlight Learning)

View your child’s learning by clicking this link – you are required to sign in

You will require a User ID and a passcode.  Set up notifications, to enable you to know when content has been added, by your child or their classroom teacher.  Comment on your child’s learning.  This site is managed by eTap (Student Management System).

2019 School Blogs 

Room 3, Explorers (Year 1 – Explorers)

Room 1 & 2 (Year 2)

Rooms 4, 5 & 6 (Year 3 & 4)

Rooms 7, 8 & 9 (Year 5 & 6)

2019 Sports Blog

2019 Sports Blog Clive School