Enrolment @ Clive

Parents of In Zone students who are likely to start during 2022 should indicate to the school that this is the case – to help the Board plan for 2022.  Do so by phoning the office during school hours 068700538.

Clive School 2022 

Out of Zone Enrolments

The Board invites applications from those residing out of our School zone who wish to enrol their children at Clive School during the remainder of the 2022 school year.

Enrolment is governed by an enrolment scheme, details of which are available on our website and from the school office along with application forms (phone 06 870 0538 or admin@clive.school.nz)

The deadline for receipt of applications for out of zone children is Friday 22nd April.                                                   

Parents of students in our zone should also apply as this helps us with our planning for the years ahead.

The Board has determined that 46 places are to be available for out of zone children across all year levels as follows: 

Junior School  Middle School  Senior School 
New Entrants: 12

Year 1: 10 

Year 2: 3 

Year 3: 8 

Year 4: 3 

Year 5: 7 

Year 6: 3 

If the number of out-of-zone applications exceeds places available students will be selected by ballot. If required this will be held on Tuesday 26th April. 

Parents will be informed of the outcome by Thursday 28th April. 

You are welcome to book an appointment if you wish to visit our school: 06 870 0538 

Chris Birch 


Do you reside within the school Zone?

No, then ring the Clive School Office and initially speak with the Office Manager 06 8700 538.  As we are required to operate a School Enrolment Zone.

Yes, then you have an automatic right to attend Clive School.

School Zone

Is your child nearly 5 years old (or has just turned 5)?

Yes, we recommend enrolling them before they turn 5.  Please come in and  collect an enrolment pack and make an appointment with the Principal.  If you have time, take a tour of the School.   School uniforms are sold through the NZ Uniforms Website, however we do hold samples at school to try on for size. Whilst you visit, take the time to try these on your child.  Take away the School Student enrolment pack, complete it at home and bring it in with you either on the next visit or before.

Enrol your child early so they can be invited to attend a series of weekly school visits (Thursdays). This will allow for a gradual ‘getting to know process’ and lessen anxiety for both your child and you.  Starting is important, we aim for the transition into school to be as smooth as possible.

Is your child older than 5 years old?

If your child has already attended a school elsewhere in the country then it is important that they feel comfortable about starting at Clive School.   Their levels of anxiety and apprehension will be high as it is new.  The quicker we can set them at ease the better the transition and they can continue with their learning.

Ring the school office 06 8700538, make an appointment to see the Principal and start the process off.

This starts with an initial discussion about the Clive Community and School.  Take an informative tour of the school, visit your child’s classroom and be introduced briefly to the classroom teacher. We have found this process gives a sense of ‘I know who and I know where I am going on my first day’.

Take the opportunity to size their school uniform, then order online at NZ Uniforms. If you do not have access to a credit card, talk with Jo in our office and she can make arrangements with the uniform provider. (We do have eftpos at school) Take with you the Clive School Student Enrolment Pack, complete it and return it either on your next visit or before.