The Clive Staff are very talented professionals, reflective in their practice and extending their cultural competencies. They are caring, nurturing practitioners and willing innovators, they inspire and support. All staff model the expectations we have for our Clive Kids, by challenging themselves to be the best they can be.

Management Team

Principal – Brian Eales
Deputy Principal – Heidi Tyler
Assistant Principal – Sherryl Scott

Teaching Staff

Room 1 – Jane Smith & Nikki Palamountain
Room 2 – Sandra Cornelius
Room 3 – Mrs Scott, Mrs O’Leary & Mr Bryant

Room 4 – Linda Petherick
Room 5 – Becky Burlace
Room 6 – Lynne Wilburn

Room 7 – Sarah Clapperton
Room 8 – Sacha Garrett
Room 9 – Mike Bassett

Room 10 – Adam Russ

Special Needs Coordinator – Debbie Willson

Support Staff

School Secretary – Jo Waitoa
Teacher Aides – Anne Condon, Joanna Wick, Maria Karlsen & Marcella Mannix

Caretaker & Librarian – Mary-Lou Lock