Year 1 – Explorers

Our Year 0 and 1 children are the ‘Explorers’ at Clive School. As the students arrive at school they begin exploring in their class environment either inside or outside; they take ownership during ‘Exploring Time’, self-directing their learning in a variety of areas.

Exploring with others gives students the opportunity to practise language development, cooperation, negotiation, empathy, collaboration, compromise, problem solving and other skills within our Clive Kids vision.

Teachers provide a supportive and inviting environment where children are encouraged to develop and practise the foundation skills needed for academic learning: Oral Language, Numeracy, Literacy, Physical, Emotional and Social skills

The students are grouped into Whanau Groups with a home teacher. They can also work with the other teachers in workshop groups for Reading, Maths, Writing, Phonics and Physical Education. These groups are flexible and change as students learning needs change.